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Deep Sea Fishing Reports

Great day!

You can see from the picture that Bass fishing is phenomenal, night trips start Tuesday. All day trips today did much better than days past. LTAII, LAM and LCA all did well, 5-10 keepers pp, the three 6 packs all limited. The SuperMarathon charter slayed them, most catching their 30 Haddock and as many Pollock and large Cod as you wanted. Of course throwing the Cod back. No Halibut, but we didn't get the chance to venture over where they hang out. Not worth an hour of the trip for one fish. Monday's night trip looks questionable with the forecast, we will call everyone tomorrow when we'll decide. We didn't have a half day boat today, but Mackerel were much better yesterday morning. 
All day trips are sold out all weekend, still room on the half days.
Capt Les Eastman Jr
Today's Catch!

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