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Update 1435 Tuesday Fish repor

We will not be sailing in the morning(Wednesday) due to Gales tonight. Sailing today(Tuesday) and then Thursday thru Sunday look great. We have light crowds on Thursday and Friday but will be running regardless of how many show up. I know lots of you hate crowds, take advantage of the next few days. Just a programming note, Dec 7&8(Thursday and Friday)the LMAIII is chartered by Fishark Adventures for the NH food bank(any donations gladly accepted) so the all day boat will be the LAM. 
Capt Les Jr
1435 light crowd, just 26, but flat calm and ok to great fishing. Alex had 25, Brenda 15 and a few guys only had 3. Ask the guy with 3”ok”, ask Alex and Brenda and excellent fishing. Running everyday this week except Tomorrow(Wednesday) due to Gales.
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