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Retraction! 1420 Fish report

As much as I try to be accurate on my Fish reports, I don’t always get it right. You can stand at the top of the dock and ask 50 people how they did and you will get “horrible, fishing s****d” and off the same boat, “ best trip ever, I caught 12 big ones”. Bottom line is, that it’s impossible to accurately depict everyone’s experience on the same trip. I was called out yesterday on the fishing Thursday described in my report. After a little research, talking to crew, regular customers and the captain(yesterday my brother) I stand corrected. There were a few people that didn’t catch one, I think 2 out of 43, more than half had at least 8(so not that far off of my estimate) and yes the pool Fish was only a 9 pound Pollock, not a 25. My apologies. I do my best gathering info on the trip, but obviously put the best spin I can on it without lying. That’s my job. I will try to be more accurate with the pool Fish, but if you only caught three, it doesn’t mean plenty of other didn’t catch 8-10. We are out today and I will report ASAP, we have moon tides and large crowds fishing deep water so for the next few days it can be tougher than normal to fill the buckets, but not always the case. I did mention that in Friday’s report. One thing for sure, no matter what reason you have concerns or complaints about our operation, PLEASE let us know. We can’t fix it, if we don’t know what’s wrong. Thank you
Capt Les Jr
1420 Fish report for Saturday December 2, 2017! Much better than last trip out, especially if you talk to Willy of the BFD, who caught 30 today. Capt Nate says average of 8-12, with many in the teens. Mostly smaller 3-6# (better eating) with the pool fish 13 pounds. Still a little room in the morning, plenty on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday will depend on weather, stayed tuned. 
Capt Les Jr
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