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Last Day!

Capt Phil decided to run the last trip of the season and I guess Nicole must have given him the numbers because it was just as good as Monday if not better. Between 8 and 25 Pollock and Haddock  in a winter snowstorm, how can you beat it? His son Zach(my nephew) went crew and my niece Audrey decided to make it a family affair and joined them on the trip. Home page picture is the two of them with a few of her 16 Fish. Phil said it’s sad we have to stop, water is still warm and fish are still here, but the long term weather looks like hell, so we are hanging it up and preparing for the many projects we need to complete in the next 100 days. Opening March 30 for Redfish massacres. Redfish March 30-April 15, when we’ll be back to Haddock. Once again, Thank You all for a great season and Happy Holidays. We will be closed starting tomorrow at noon until February 1,2018.
From all of us here at Eastmans 
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