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The oceanic classroom provides a thrilling and noteworthy experience to any student's course of learning, and enhances their appreciation of the sea.

Our vessels and knowledgeable staff afford one of the most unique and rewarding learning environments in the surrounding coastal region.  Students on board are given the opportunity to investigate, observe, and learn about a variety of species as they exist in their natural habitat, as well as access to participation in hands-on experiments and interaction with sea life.

Trip times are flexible to comply with your school's schedule.  Free bus parking on site.

If you would like more information or assistance, please call us at (603) 474-3461.

Sea Labs - 3 hours - $425.00
Plan your own scientific adventure in oceanography.  Our boats provide the perfect platform for the young "scientist".  Set up your own program of 'sampling stations' to examine water quality, plankton, currents, or whatever fits into your curriculum.  All trips end with an Otter Trawl, weather permitting.
Sea Lab intinerary are available upon request.
Priced for April, May, June & Sept , Oct  - WEEKDAYS ONLY

3 hours - $575.00 (plus fuel surcharge) / Rod Rentals $4.00
4 hours - $600.00 (plus fuel surcharge) / Rod Rentals $4.00
6 hours - $750.00 (plus fuel surcharge) / Rod Rentals $4.00
Experience the ocean environment, and enjoy the excitement of 'the catch', as well as introducing students to some of the saltwater species of fish found in the Gulf of Maine.
Priced for April, May, June & Sept, Oct only. - WEEKDAYS ONLY

Whale Watching - 4 hours - $800.00 (plus fuel surcharge)
Humpbacks, Finbacks, Minkes, Dolphin may be seen, as well as a variety of of oceanic birds and fish.  Every trip is different... Every trip is an Adventure!
Priced for April, May, June & Sept, Oct only. - WEEKDAYS ONLY

Isle of Shoals Cruises - 3 hours - $600.00 (plus fuel surcharge)
View the shore line and towns as we cruise to the Isle of Shoals.  Enjoy the rugged beauty of these 9 tiny islands just off the Maine - New Hampshire coast.
Priced for April, May, June & Sept, Oct only. - WEEKDAYS ONLY

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