Thankful Haddock season remains open. 4 boats out and most had limits on Haddock(thats 15 pp) Saturday was slow all around, yesterday( Sunday) the Pollock were much better 6-12 pp and Haddock were just a few pp, today Pollock were hard to come by but the Haddock were savage, Randy had 27 keepers( most with limits). Great fishing! Sadly the weather will keep us in port tomorrow and most of the week, next trip is Friday. This time of year if we get out three days a week if we’re lucky, but it’s a win win with fishing like this. The Lady Audrey Mae will be hauled out this week, leaving only the flagship LMAIII and the AB still fishing. LMAIII has climate controlled cabins, heated outside handrails and satellite TV, not really roughing it. Only thing that keeps us in port is rough weather, we will fish into January.

capt Les Jr

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