It was questionable at best, but Capt Tory once again struggled through and got the day in. It was cold, almost miserable even with the warm water temperatures, but worth it. Fishing was great, mostly big Pollock and 20% Haddock, but a lot of people couldn’t take the cold on deck even with the heated handrails and it was rough. We came in an hour early and gave out $15 credits for another trip. Guys that braved the cold and rough seas did well, some broke 20, not a massacre and just ok for this time of year, but the office reports a lot of happy fishermen. Looks like tomorrow(Sunday) will be the only nice day of the week, flat calm and pretty sure they’ll slaughter the fish( we’ll find out). We have cx Monday/Tuesday due to the impending storm, next trip is Wednesday, tomorrow is sold out.
Capt Les Jr

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