Was just too good to be true, so we had a wake up call today. Tide was brutal, full boat and that made it difficult fishing since we had to anchor every stop. Couldn’t drift or even use the chute. Numbers way down, still ok for some. Few guys with their 15, few guys skunked, overall a fair day for the boat, nothing even close to the way it’s been. But the fish are still there which is the important thing. Not taking anything away from Capt Tory, he’s been amazing, but Capt Phil wants to take a turn tomorrow. We are sold out until Monday, and even Monday and Tuesday are filling up with this crazy weather. Looks like the next 10 days are fishing friendly weather wise. So take advantage of something you see only every 10-12 years( at best) and come Haddock fishing in February. Haddock season closes March 1. We will be closing March 1 or if the weather turns this month sooner, Redfish season March 28th until April 15th when Haddock season opens again. Still reporting from Galápagos, if you’ve never been put it on your bucket list (AMAZING)!
Capt Les Jr

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