Crazy fishing, if we don’t get one species we get another. Capt Tory started the day back on the Haddock, Up and down with very few discards, couple over 10 pounds with shoulders. All 52 anglers limited with 15 pp. The Reds are very close to the Pollock, hit them because no bite on Pollock yesterday, but catching our Reds the Pollock started to bite, added 150 Reds and 75 big Pollock. You can’t imagine fishing like this from someone who took out 50 people in the late 80’s and was very happy with 50 fish on the boat, never mind 20+ pp and mostly Haddock. In those days if we caught a Haddock, we’d walk it around the boat to show everyone. In port tomorrow due to weather, but definitely fishing Monday/Tuesday. This time of year you never know when next day out will be. Wednesday is already questionable. Just a few spots left Monday, Tuesday only half full. But in this day of social media everyone on the boat today will tell hundreds of people and we’ll be full. Lots of times the fishing will be broadcast on different websites before I even know.
Capt Les Jr

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