Friday was a good day, 4-15 haddock a person and some cod and pollock! Sat was slow most of the day, did manage to pick away but not like it should be this time of year!! Sunday and Monday Marathons were tough conditions going way up North not being able to use the drift sock due to the crazy tides kept the landings down, we did limit on the cod on both with some haddock and pollock!!! Capt Tory had pretty good days on the haddock down south on the regular all day Sunday and Monday!! Today Tuesday, Capt Tory took the LMA giving me a much appreciated day off and reports a slam job on the haddock, most with limits and the ones that didn’t catch their limits ended up with limits from help from the guys around them that were limited early!! Kudos to Capt Tory!! You’ll be stuck with me tomorrow and hopefully Tory throws me a few numbers!!!

Capt Phil

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