Weather and fishing have given us an incredible last 6 days, luckily we still had the LTAII in the water and ready to fish. We had three full boats and six packs all last week, weekend , yesterday and today. 4 boats out today, and unless they don’t catch them I won’t post. Been good to excellent everyday, depending what boat you were on. But all boats did at least good. Tomorrow we have both the LAM and the LMAIII going, Veterans Day. And as always( everyday) thank you and we can’t thank you enough to all the veterans and families for their sacrifices throughout the years. Thursday and Friday have light crowds at this point if you want a day with few people on board.
Capt Les Jr

As promised I would most if things changed. Changed in a big way, very slow, fish were there and on the machines but had lockjaw. First slow day in a long time, hopefully hungry tomorrow.

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