Back to back horrible catches, Friday/Saturday, rare this time of year. There is a full moon, that could be a reason, but not always for sure. In any event I will post today’s catch later this afternoon, have a lead on another location from some commercial guys, but catching them with a net compared to a rod and reel is quite a bit different. We have cx the next two days( Mon/Tuesday) Wednesday is up in the air, Thursday/Friday and Saturday are sold out. There is a waiting list for Saturday, Thursday/Friday are private Fishark charters. That should change the fishing, not to jinx them but haven’t had a slow trip all season, and 50 plus charters. Update @ 14-1500! UPDATE 1430 Much better, lots with close to double digits. Tom Hartley had 12, Jackson from Gaurons had 8 Haddock and a Cusk, some still were skunked. Let you know about Wednesday as soon as we can be sure.
Capt Les Jr

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