It’s crazy, not giving any opinions or suggestions, just facts. We are closed until May 1st, due to Coronavirus. If you want fresh fish, Commercial fishermen are allowed to go, get your fresh fish at the Yankee Co-op in Seabrook, some of our crew are cutting as they arrive at dock, can’t beat it. As far as refunds or rebooking, we have to be prepared. I can assure you that all your money is good, we just have so much happening in April it’s not an easy fix. BUT we’ll get done. Yes, a lot of you are friends, but the office can’t know who you are or the relationship, so please be patient. It’s a lot more than you all know, 7 boats, booked every day it’s tough to handle the situation, but we will. Fishark trips are even more difficult for the office, so please be patient. Everything will be fine and thanks to all the first responders. The office will go into refund/rebook mode on Monday. Please don’t call until then. So much for fresh redfish.
Capt Les Jr

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