We still don’t have an opening date, but the fishing is absolutely incredible. Two boat loads of crew went out today and slayed them. Limits for all 10 on Haddock and over 150 Reds. Nice to get back out there and they didn’t have to go looking for them. One stop shopping lock and reel. Not big ones but very few throw backs, perfect eating size. We will post any news when we get it. Hoping to have a date for you this week, Thanks for all of you that deferred deposits and rescheduled. Only saving grace was April weather was Horrible, probably less than 10 days we could have sailed, and a couple of those could have sucked. But when the fishing is like this, weather doesn’t matter all that much. Stay safe, we’ll get through this soon.
Capt Les Jr and the entire crew at Eastmans

BTW it’s almost impossible to get boats almost done without projects to address, but after these two months we are pretty close.

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