It’s hard to ever repeat Monday, when all 4 boats limit out entirely, but close again. Oddly we didn’t have any six packs Monday/Today( yesterday (cx wx) but today 4 big boats out, two limited, one was close and one did poorly. That’s what usually happens, not all boats hit the jackpot. So excellent fishing. Weather looks incredible but we are sold out next 4 days, partly due to neighboring states not up and running quite yet and only utilizing 40% of our capacity due to the epidemic and social distancing. If you do have reservations mask are required in the office, or cabins of the boats, recommended always, not required outside in the fresh air. If you came in the same car or relative you can stay close but please stay 6’ away if you don’t know the person or haven’t previously been in contact, due to the size of the vessels there is lots more room to stay clear. We do have monitors in the office and on the boats. Stay safe and sanitize often, it’s everywhere on the property and boats.
Thanks Les Eastmans Jr

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