We are opening May 16th with limited capacity and all the do and don’ts in this new world. Fishing remains incredible, limits of Haddock with Redfish to help. April and May are two of our busiest months, so you can only imagine how crazy the office is with rescheduling, refunding, etc. please be assured we’ll get it done, just taking some time. In this difficult time throughout the world it’s nice to share a good story/fact. A long time patron/friend that in retirement has become a regular on the marathons, was paid in full on May4th. Charlie Hagerty was long time friends with my cousin Bill and his wife at the time, Anne. All teachers/professors for 40 years, Charlie brought his classes from St Johnsbury Academy down every Memorial Day Sunday for decades. He called to tell us to take his $90 for his marathon and give it to the crew as a tip to help them bridge the gap. Thank you Charlie, you’ve always been generous, but that’s above and beyond generous. The crew thanks you and hope to see you soon. With limited capacity you must have reservations. We opened a second marathon boat on the 18th. Let’s hope this reopening works and we can try to get back to some type of normalcy.

Capt Les Jr

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