Weather little too hot for my taste, but seas have been calm and fishing great. Today the flagship( LMAIII) had its first slow day in weeks. Other boats did ok/good and except for a run with sandsharks three weeks ago, it’s been the best summer of Haddock fishing in my lifetime. Bass are still strong on the night trips and the Mackerel are great at the Isles of Shoals. The fireworks cruises will not sail this summer due to Covid-19, which I feel a smart move by the chamber of commerce under difficult conditions. All night trips will end on August 21, due to lack of light and past years of no fish end of August. We will continue to run year round weather permitting, and as most of you that read this know, last winter was incredible with Haddock and large Pollock. Please continue to follow CDC rules concerning the pandemic as we keep the crowds at 60% and suggest Mask coming and going.
Stay healthy

Capt Les Jr

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