Out today, still choppy, wicked tide, but a lot more fish on the marathon. Capt Ed said if they had better conditions would have been a massacre. Few guys even with the conditions had limit of Haddock plus half dozen Pollock.
Exciting news for them, sad news for Eastmans, Mark and Tracey have decided to longer operate the boats. They have been exploring other things the last two years and those businesses have flourished to the extent that they can no longer do everything. Although we didn’t see that much of them the last two years, their operation continued to only give excellence with the crew they had. They have been an important part of the operation for close to 20 years and one of the reasons the business has done so well. They will be greatly missed. We saw their son Josh born, been to weddings and funerals together and experienced all the trials and tribulations along the way. We thank them and wish them the best, but as you can imagine, they don’t need wishes, they have already accomplished more than most ever do. They are like family and you can probably still catch them on the deck of the Tuna Striker Pub, one of their favorite restaurants. If you want one last charter aboard the LTAII, it’s continuing to operate until Oct 30, with openings available, weather permitting.
Capt Les

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