And with the prices at the supermarket, it couldn’t be a better time to go get some fresh fish to freeze. Crazy inflation everywhere you look, fuel we bought Fall 20/20 at $1.57, ran out early September 2021 and we are now paying $3, almost double. Bait has gone up 50% and everything you buy to keep the boats in shape and running have gone up, if you can get it. Not sure how it’s going to play out, but hoping for something to change. We are going to bite the bullet for the remainder of 2021, but unless things change price increases are inevitable. Over the years we have kept prices as low as possible and haven’t raised the senior price in 6 years. Prices will increase across the board if fuel doesn’t come down including seniors. Most of the seniors have more money than most, for the ones that are living on a budget please just see me or Phil privately and we will make sure your price will stay the same, Glad to help. Those increases won’t take effect until 2022, if at all. Looks like some windy weather coming in Wednesday/Thursday, but way to early to judge. As we get closer to November we’ll be making weather calls 48 hours in advance, after December 1, even questionable weather will be put aside for a sure thing, weather wise. Fishing last few years had been incredible December/January. Plenty of room tomorrow( Friday), sold out Saturday.
Capt Les

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