Monday next trip. What a storm, always wanted to be in a hurricane, no longer. I was down the cape and it was wild. Like a violent thunderstorm but lasting 6-8 hours when at full strength and bad both sides of it. In any event we all survived in good shape and ready to get back fishing. Another storm this evening and into tomorrow( Saturday), but SE instead of NE, so should calm for Monday and the 10 hour trip, which has lots of room, only 20 signed up. Tuesday and Wednesday we have room on the 8.5 hour trips aboard the LMA, Thursday and Friday are sold out with private charters( Fishark). Saturday 11/6 has some room, Sunday 11/7, 10 trip is sold out but we have the LAM running an 8.5 hour trip and that still has room. Looks like a busy month, and we left the fish biting before this storm. Please call for reservations, where weather is always an issue this time of year. Cancellations always posted here first, then the website, then calls to you if you do have a reservation. See you Monday.

Capt Les

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