It was a 10 hour marathon today with Capt Nate, only 50 on board and close to 600 Haddock. Capt Nate said decent, but Capt Phil was there for the arrival and said excellent. Still looking for the Big Pollock, but we’ll gladly take this. Due to weather and the holiday we’ll be tied to the dock until Friday, which is sold out, along with Saturday. Openings Sunday through Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday are chartered( sold out) by Fishark Adventures. All these trips are weather dependent of course. If you want to join a Fishark charter he post his trips in January for 2022! Looking for a great winter, let’s hope. Thanks to all of you for continuing to support us, any suggestions to better us are 100% welcome. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, enjoy the holiday and see you next week. I’ll post a weather update on Thursday and the tackle shop will be open 8-3 everyday except Thursday.
Capt Les

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