This time of year it’s very tough to play the weather. Being on land yesterday and looking at the bouy reports, sticking my head out the window and from many years of experience I would have guessed it was rough and tough fishing. That was far from the way it was, it was beautiful and easy fishing. Today my guess, for the same reasons, would have been beautiful and calm, far from the way it was. Very tough, border line too rough and a wicked tide, which made fishing extremely difficult. As a result catching was way down from yesterday but the fish are still there. Even in those conditions some had 8/9 keepers. We are in port next two days due to the weather, It was charters(Fishark) anyway and you’ll be receiving checks for refunds instead of credit to CC. We have all your addresses but don’t keep CC info on file. Saturday is sold out, Sunday a few spots open and we do have a waiting list for both days. Next week is too far off to judge the weather but the weekend looks calm.
Capt Les

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