After a difficult day yesterday, bad tide, rough made for tough fishing and average catch was 4/5 pp. Lots of tangles and just 250 Haddock for the boat. Still not terrible but not like it’s been. Today(Wednesday), I just talked to Capt Nate, and better than it’s been, almost a slaughter. Many with limits and if you didn’t have your limit it was just shy. In addition there was a showing of Pollock, maybe 30 and not huge but at least a showing. We are in port tomorrow(Thursday) due to wind, but running Friday,Saturday, Sunday and beyond. It’s December, things change quickly so check here for updates. Even in the morning before you leave your house, take a look and we open at 0500 on days we are scheduled to operate. We will be closed no matter what the weather, Christmas Eve and Day, NYE and day.
Capt Les

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