After probably the worst 8 weeks of weather( sucks for the boats Cod fishing on the south coast) since 2015, the weather looks friendly for an extended time. Barring any surprises the LMAIII will be ready to roll on the 26th. Out side heated handrails, wash stations, climate controlled cabins and satellite TV. Only a week of targeting the most delicious fish in the sea( Reds/Rose/Ocean Perch, same fish). Can’t promise of course, but where they bunch up in the spring, they are untouched and savage. 10-20 to 50-70 pp is not uncommon and our crew are pros at filleting without bones, hard to find someone who can do that, never mind 6 of them. We are sold out first three days, but still room M/T/W( 29/30/31). The other boats will be ready close behind with Haddock and Cod starting April 1, sold out. Looking forward to a great year, please join us.
Capt Les Jr

PS Added 10 hour trips in April, check prior post for dates.

Queen of the Fleet :)

Queen of the Fleet 🙂

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