Couldn’t be much better. Wind this morning blowing 32 knots at the Isles of Shoals, forecast was to diminish, but in the dark with the wind blowing that strong, surprising everyone showed up. It was a wise decision. By departure at 7 the wind had laid down and of course NW so the ride out was downhill. Once on the grounds it was a perfect Spring day, slight chop, sunny and enjoyable. Reds were there but the tide pushed us off and the Haddock were savage. Double headers for everyone on board. Reset and started on the Reds. No massacre, but at 1300 still fishing and few anglers with only dozen and a few with 40. Good Red fishing but not a slaughter. Couldn’t be much busier though, Haddock never were far away waiting for the Reds to give them a chance. Days weather ended up picture perfect. Nice to be back at it. Of course it’s March and the weather will be a factor through April, please check in here daily for weather updates. Tomorrow(Sunday) and Monday are Cx, SE gale. Tuesday and Wednesday are good to go, but only a few openings both days.
Capt Les

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