Bunch of things, first of all we lost another good friend last month to cancer. All of you that fish regularly know Pete I, he passed after a long( two years) fight. He was a joy to have around, helped whenever he could, fun to fish next to, usually in the stern. He spent his summers at the local campground away from working for his Local school district at his home. There when the boat came in to put his rods in his spot and never bitched when someone beat him to it. He will be greatly missed, because he was hell of a nice guy. Sad news, but wanted you to know. On a brighter note, the boats are coming along. They slid the new engines into the LMAIII today. Shout out to Dave T who’s genius makes everything look easy, 6 hours with his guidance compared to 5 days without him taking them out. In addition to our top notch crew, Capt Pete from the Northern Star helped make it look easy. Definitely looks like our schedule is on target for our opening on March 26 for Reds. Haven’t checked on how the fishing is down south, but can almost guarantee great fishing here, all we need is weather. Haddock and Cod open April 1. Check in more often from here on.
Capt Les Jr

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