Friday, once again the six packs crushed them, the LVII also limited but it was all early(5am charter) and by the time the LAM and the LMAIII arrived on scene the bite was over. They ended up with plenty of fish but very slow on the Haddock, hardly 50 on either boar but lots of big Reds and Cusk, some Cod.
Today Saturday was another incredible day, some with limits of Haddock, everyone with limits of Cod and lots of Reds. We had all 7 boats out today, LTAII is back and running. Capt Ed said amazing fishing, remember limit of Haddock is 15 pp plus a keeper Cod and Reds, day you talk about for a while, not everyone had limit of Haddock on every boat. We added a 3rd boat Tuesday so more room. LTAII has USCG inspection Tuesday and will be sitting. Tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday is sold out. We have lots of room Thursday/Friday.
Capt Les

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