No slaughter but most everyone on the Marathon had their Haddock limit, maybe 5-6 guys fell short, couple Hundred Reds , half caught their Cod, excellent. LTAII had Straight Haddock, I didn’t get numbers. LAM and the LVII had 6-8 Haddock pp average, few guys with limits, lots of Reds, Cusk and again half both boats had a Cod. Both six packs crushed them again. Tomorrow looks great, no wind until evening and Friday is canceled due to Gales. The LMAIII is a private marathon charter, LAM is the public all day boat leaving at 7 am. Office open 445.
Capt Les

PS I will keep you updated on Saturday as frequently as possible and try to make the right decision. Decision will be made no later than 1630(430 pm) Friday afternoon.

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