It hasn’t been every boat, every day, but it’s been excellent fishing. Once again, I’m reporting on 7 boats, so it varies depending what boat, and what day. One of the six packs had a terrible day on Friday, the flagship( LMAIII) had a very slow morning on Thursday, but they rallied in the afternoon to call it fair. That day(Thursday)we had a few people who didn’t catch a keeper and high hook was only 9, not terrible but compared to how’s its been, slow. The LAM had a slow day yesterday (Saturday) but was the only one, all other boats crushed them, lots of limits. It’s been an incredible stretch of fishing, but it’s not every boat everyday. Great time to go fishing with this weather and fishing. Lots of calls for Mackerel, then Bass, mackerel( half days) trips start Tuesday May 25th and run 7 days a week, twice a day, reservations strongly recommended. Bass evening trips mid June.

Capt Les

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