The craziest time of year, busy morning, noon and, night. No excuses, fishing has been excellent for Mackerel at the isles of Shoals and Bass down in the Merrimack river. All day for Haddock, Pollock and Whiting has been off and on. Some days the tide has been the problem, few days the Dogs were tough to get through but we’re still busy catching keepers and weather has been beautiful and lots of Whales and Dolphins on a lot of the days. Days of back to back limits have been elusive. It’s that time of year. The strictly Whiting trips have been incredible ( those are private trips) Haddock and Pollock range from a few with none and some with 10-12 pp. All night trips both private and public end August 22, three weeks left. Cod opens up in September and we are looking forward to an incredible Fall/Winter of fishing.
Capt Les

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