Nice to report all good on all fronts. Private charters for Whiting slayed them last two days, king Whiting. See Fishark Adventures or call to charter your own boat for Whiting trips. The half day Mackerel trips were slow this morning, but a massacre this afternoon at the Isles of Shoals. All day boat aboard the LMA had up and down action, regulars that go all the time did well on getting close to their limits of Haddock, rental rods caught dinner. Up and down action on Haddock, Cod, Cusk, Pollock and very few Sharks. In addition the Whale show was incredible along with a sea turtle ( heard they taste like chicken)! Before I get too many emails, I’m JOKING, everyone is too serious these days. Cod opens 9/8, book now, we will be very busy.
Capt Les

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