Fishing is beyond excellent, just what you can take home is only good. Tommy Cigar, as he’s affectionately known had 8 Haddock 9 “bigPollock” and a keeper Cod yesterday( that is excellent) on the LMA but there were still novices that had 15 sharks, couple Haddock and a few Pollock/Cusk. Really can’t bitch about those catches, especially if your Tom. It’s good and the weather looks great for a long stretch. Big coastal waves from tropical storms are just that “ coastal “ once a mile out you can’t notice swells from 1000 miles offshore.
On a sad note we lost another good friend last month, Karl Mahonen passed after a battle with cancer. He was a regular here for many years and we watched his sons grow up on their trips here with their dad. He was one of the few season pass holders left from the 90’s and was one of the nicest and generous guys you’d ever want to meet. He will be missed. He requested no services but you can read his obituary from his son on the Richardson funeral home website.
Capt Les

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