Hope it was a good night and look forward to 2022. We are back at it in the morning(Sunday/sold out) Monday is Cx due to winds. Going forward our days of operation become fewer and far between. Main reason is the water temperature, it all depends on Mother Nature. A spray in early December when the water temperature is in the low 50’s isn’t a big deal, a spray in late January when the water is around 40 degrees and the wind causes spray in temperatures around 20 degrees causes Ice, we strive to avoid days like that. We’ll do our best, but keep checking here for constant updates. We will continue to run 7 days a week as long as the fish and the weather permit. As you all know last two days out were incredible and the Pollock finally showed to go along with the Haddock. If you were scheduled for Monday we’ll be calling and refunding or rescheduling when we open tomorrow at 5.
Capt Les

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