Lots to tell you about. Seems like new regs will increase bag limits for Haddock to 20( personally think that’s ridiculous, too many) and Cod season increased in amount of time open with slot limits on size(21-28). These are not 100%, just expected from the different meetings observed . We lost the LTAII this season but I’m glad to announce it’s replacement the Seacoast Lady is secured and will be here to run those trips. The Seacoast Lady, just like to old LMA, LLD, LTAII and LVII is a 65 DMR, just 15 years newer, faster and owned by two of our long time employees Todd Herderhurst and Curran Flanagan. Curran has worked here since High School and Todd started in Rye at Atlantic Fleet then to us for the last 7 years. Both well known by hundreds/thousands of you as crew on the LMAIII, they are anxious to start out on there own, as well as continued working for us. In addition to all that, the LVII has been( in the process) re-powered with two new Volvo Penta engines with 625 hp. Hoping to increase the speed dramatically. Most preseason contracts have been mailed and the office is open from 9-2 daily to answer questions, change dates and give information. Looks like Covid is starting to subside, who knows( let’s hope) , but we’ll be ready to go end of March for jumbo Reds regardless. Looking at the condition and prices of fish at the big markets, going fishing is now much more than entertainment, an investment if your lucky enough to catch some( usually you are)! I’ll update in another few weeks.
Capt Les

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