Weather finally calmed down and all boats are out fishing. As soon as they start checking in I will post how the fishing is. This week coming up we have openings on the public All Day both Thursday and Friday with two boats available. All other days are sold out until Monday April 22. In case you don’t read Chinese from the ad I posted, we added some public Redfish trips, limited 25 passenger at $82 for 9 hours. This week is already sold out on Wednesday, but week after we have openings Monday, Wednesday and Friday( April 22/24/26). 1600 Fishing was off today, still good, few boats excellent, but not like it’s been. No boat did bad, just not the bonanza it’s been. MJ, LV, AB and SCL did excellent, LAM and LMA just good, not like it’s been. MJ, LV and SCL were strictly Red fishing.

Rare but tasty Wolfish, sadly we can’t keep them these days
LV with Capt Tory

Capt Les

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