Finally a nice day again and the results reflect that. LMA had a private charter(family group) and did ok. LV and SCL had the All Day and did excellent, lots of limits of Haddock on the LVII but not everyone and lots of Red, Pollock and Cusk to go along with those Haddock. SCL had a slow morning but rallied in the afternoon with half the boat 7-8 keeper Haddock and also Cusk, Reds and Pollock. LAM did the best of the four big boats with lots of limits and lots more to go with them. AB had their limit early and MJ was close and still fishing. Sucks when we get those few days of bad weather, not rough enough to cancel but rough enough to make it miserable for some, not all. We have multiple boats for the next three days, both the LMA and the LAM are running the All Day on Wednesday. Weather looks amazing and fishing is back to what it was. Capt Les

Bryan also an excellent fillet guy
No bones at all
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