Great news, the Reds are waning but today the Haddock were excellent, lots of limits on all boats, but the big news is and the pictures will confirm, that the big Pollock are back already, along with Whiting. Doesn’t get much better. Also as I mentioned the Mackerel and Bass are here, running Saturday night for Stripers. We are pretty full tomorrow but lots of room on Wednesday and Thursday. We also have a few boats for charter those two days, take advantage of the weather and fishing. Worth every penny. Capt Les Jr PS next Sunday the all day is sold out but we have 12 spots on the marathon which is strange, marathons are mostly all sold out. Doesn’t matter what spot , it’s like a 99% success rate over the last decade.

Still some around, big Reds
Cusk always help, best eating
Mr Steve Mauzy, must have been thick
Leo, big Haddock
Ask for a better day in early May
Best cutter on the coast and I’d bet the farm on it. Only Capt Nate is as good , him and Nicole learned together. Look at the fillets, amazing
Full buckets
Good sign, huge Pollock that we continued to catch Into mid February last winter. Dick was there all winter too
Lots of them
Pretty busy, Dick Pray with one of many
Big Pollock
If only we could keep them, lots of beautiful Cod
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