Since we have the weekend off, we can mention a few other things going on. Our office kicked ass and put together all the charter contracts for 2024 and they went in the mail yesterday. There are over 650 preseason trips and you have until March 1 to secure last year’s comparable date. If you need to change, cancel or more time, please contact the office at your convenience, your day is safe until March 1 for sure. That being said, lots will call immediately once receiving the envelope (me being one of those people) and the office is very busy, trying to wrap up 2023 and already operating 2024. With the fishing, crowds of people and all the cancellations due to winter weather it’s crazy in there. We doubled up on staff for the next 10 days to accommodate the influx of calls but once again, no rush on contracts, just the March 1 deadline is written in stone. Office open 5 am to 4pm on days the one boat we still have operating runs and 9-3 on days we Cx due to the weather. Today was a no brainer, as far as not operating, and a call already this morning about only being 3 ‘ waves and 20 knots at the Isles of Shoals, why did we cancel? Obviously sitting on the couch and still drunk from last night, lol. It’s the combination of cold and any wind at all. The boats can take it, the people is our concern. Next week we could be getting out every day or just a few, too tough to call at this point, but Monday is a go and hopefully everyday.

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