Hopefully last cold snap, but it’s still February for a few more days and early March can be dicey. Working hard on the boats, getting as much done as we can before we start up again. Opening day is scheduled for March 23, 21/22 chartered, if we can start earlier we will. Depends on the weather. A big partner of ours is Fishark Adventures, run by Marc. Over the years we have been the first company to target different species, other than Haddock, Cod and Pollock. Marc has been mostly responsible for these trips and all its success running over to our public boats. Jumbo Reds, Silver Hake(Whiting) and Ling have become just as popular and sought after as our Haddock. His private trips are limited to less than half the passengers and usually longer times, you pay more, but your with pros, makes a difference. His Redfish trips are sold out already but he’s looking for more trips for Whiting and Ling, along with some special trips for Flounders, Squid etc. He charters all the boats, 6 packs, 40 passenger and 65 passenger boats. I’ll post a few pics of last year trips with his group of cohorts. March 1st is next week and the deadline for preseason renewals. I’ll check in on March 2, 2024. Capt Les

Beautiful fish
Ace crew Stewie( Steve)

Capt Les

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