Weather continues to be our friend, 7 days in a row in January and 5 days in a row in February(crazy) but that looks to be changing soon. We will be canceling Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday this week due to the storm and residual effects from the storm. We are trying to finish up running Friday/Saturday and Sunday, we need to get a few weeks of maintenance in before we start Redfish season, 3/22/2024! That being said, we won’t be able to push people to other dates, everything sold out. Fish update later today, running in the morning(Monday) and stayed tuned here for any updates. The office will be addressing this after 10 am today, please be patient. Thanks Fish report 1415. Just good/decent, hard to compare to the last 6 weeks. Plenty of fish, just not the slam/massacre/slaughter we’ve had every trip. But everything is relative. Good day. I’ll check in tomorrow when I hear from them.

Capt Les

Dirt squirrel with bag of fillets
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