Talked to the LMA and pretty close to limits at 0930, all big Haddock. Not all, a rare but now with a name Coddock was caught this morning. Rare but becoming more frequent. Looks like Excellent, at least on LMAIII , 5-5 marathon. Capt Les 1545, final tally. LMA might have had a few without their limits, but a bunch of Pollock made it excellent. LAM had the 8.5 hour public all day and Capt O’Connor said very good, some limits and some with 3-5. I’d call that excellent. LV had a Redfish trip and a massacre, pretty close, tough tide to get on the rocks. MJ slaughter, limits of Haddock and lots of other species. No word from SCL or AB, I know the AB killed them without even talking to him, Todd always does well but don’t assume, I just don’t know. Overall it’s a crazy great Spring. I think the LMA has had only a couple of good days, no bad days and mostly excellent days. That’s since 3/23/24. Still room Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but starting to look busy.

Capt Les

Caught aboard LMA 4/28/24 Coddock
Same fish
Racks from an amazing day
Guess who
It’s only April, big Pollock
LMA Kevin Masse
LVII with a Redfish throw down
Think that’s Kevin, lots of gear on
Real smile, most he’s caught in a while
Huge Haddock
Full buckets
Showing of Pollock, 85 on board easy to go with the Haddock

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