First 6 days of Redfish season we sat at the dock, weather just wouldn’t allow us to get out. Can’t complain, look at all the days we got out and slaughtered the Pollock and some Reds in January/February. Not to worry Redfish lovers, we have enough interest to continue to target the Reds well into April. We will continue to target Reds even when the Haddock become legal on April 1. We will be running Wednesday for our first day out, Reds, Cusk and Pollock( mostly Reds). Thursday has room and Easter Sunday. Weather still seems to be an issue for the 10 day outlook, but we will be sailing Wednesday/Thursday and check here for the latest updates on weather. I’ll post Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday with a fish report(hallelujah)! Eclipse at sea?? Lots of calls for 4/8/24, but you’ll have to go fishing, we don’t have an extra boat that day. Both the LMA and LAM will be fishing for Haddock and Reds, and seeing the rare event while catching dinner.

Captain Les

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