Crazy fishing, up and down since they arrived, massacre, Donnybrook, lights out, whatever you want to call it. Pollock, few Haddock and as fast as you hit the bottom. Next trip is Saturday(sold out), and after that Tuesday(sold out)12/26 and beyond depending on weather and of course closed 12/31 and 1/1/24 for the holiday. This time of year we get 100’s of requests for season tickets, holiday discounts and books of tickets other companies offer. It’s impossible to operate without getting the price we charge, and even that is the lowest on the coast while getting the best value for your dollar. Cheaper isn’t always better, I can assure you. $82 Adults and $65 for seniors is a steal, but even those prices are keeping us just above water(so to speak). Only reason we’re able to charge those cheap prices is that we’ve been in the same place, doing the same thing since 1946(78 years). We have a fairly good following. Thank you and I’ll post Saturdays trip before I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Check out today’s pictures below.

Line to the cutting table

Capt Les

Pictures from today 12/20/23

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