Yesterday was a screw up, but I’m not taking all the blame. We planned to run, considering all forecast and we use many, but it wasn’t to be. The forecast was diminishing winds and I assumed it wouldn’t be too bad. I apologize to all that showed up, but it wasn’t a day to be out there and as the day wore on it was a good call not to try it. Not to pat myself on the back, but we do a pretty good job of not letting that happen, having everyone show up and not sail. It happens but rarely at Eastmans. Blame goes 1/3 to forecast, mother nature and I’ll take 1/3 too. We are out today and it’s an all out massacre, last trip out wasn’t that great( not bad) for this time of year. It’s early in the day(Thursday 11/30), but double headers of 15-25# Pollock, the call from Capt Nate was Donnybrook and if it continues like the last 2 hours, already crazy amounts. Chartered tomorrow again with Fishark, Saturday we have 2 spots, and Sunday 15 openings. Capt Les Absolute carnage, Tom caught 7 boxes himself, granted most were over 15#. Openings Sunday and Monday, tomorrow and Saturday are sold out.

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