This is how it’s suppose to be, sadly for us. We’ll be at the dock until Wednesday with this North wind 20-30 k and 9.5’ waves at the Jeffries bouy. Not good when it’s 50 degrees, never mind 25-30 degrees. The good news is Wednesday, and for a good stretch beyond, the weather looks EXCELLENT for winter( maybe even Spring). We’ve opened bookings up and available until the 18th, beyond that check here. The office is open 9-3 when the boat is at the dock, 5-4 when we sail. Charter contracts need to be in or at least a phone call to the office to keep them after 3/1. I’m taking a few days off posting since we’re at the dock, check back in on Tuesday afternoon. The office will open this morning at 9 am and either rebook or refund those who have reservations next three days. Our apologies, not much we can do about the weather. How about this fishing? Crazy.

Captain Les

Not today, Saturday 2/3, at the dock
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