Massacre, Donnybrook, bloodbath, all good descriptions of the fishing this past month. It’s not only the fact that it’s winter, but even in the best of times and weather when you find a mother load of fish, it’s not this consistent. Weather of course the biggest culprit, but strong tides, sand sharks( I know it’s winter) and list of other reasons that usually disrupt day after day consistent trips like we’ve had. It’s really amazing. There was some movement yesterday but they didn’t go far and even stronger fishing if that’s possible, once we found them just a short distance away. The Haddock and Reds are there( plus Cod) but can’t get through the giant Pollock to get to the Haddock and the Reds would put the crew under. 5000 pounds of Pollock on board and then add a couple thousand jumbo Reds, Capt or no Capt his ass is overboard. 😄. I will report this afternoon and we are running tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. Monday is Cx due to the storm, still looking at Tuesday. We have backed off availability on FH to a week in advance, everything sold out, play it by ear until February 11. Red Fish season starts on March 23( our date) then of course Haddock 4/1/24.

AND again, slaughter 1230

Capt Les

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