It was rough this morning but as promised by all weather outlets it’s diminishing quickly. Can’t get ahold of the boat but know they’re fishing from Marine Traffic app. Capt Phil on top of his game, cx yesterday when it would have been impossible to fish, and sailed today when it looks like eventually it will be nice, hopefully the fish will bite. I would have bet money Capt Nate would have been called for today’s trip, lol. Due to weather, great fishing and one of the few boats still running in New England, we are sold out most days. Upcoming trips with room are Thursday Jan 4 and next weekend January 6/7 and beyond. The LMA has climate controlled cabins, insulated walls, outside heated rails, satellite TV, hot coffee, best crew anywhere, so when your friends tell of their rough, cold and wet struggle on the North Atlantic fishing, you can correct them with B***S***. No idea how long these fish will be stacked up and hungry like they are, but plenty of Haddock to work on when or if they leave for greener pastures. I’ll try to update fishing today when I find out. Fish Report, rough ride out was all worth it, massacre, crazy. In addition to the massacre on the huge Pollock, Capt Phil gave them a relief stop for Haddock. Not a good keeper ratio, but lots of them. Everyone is going home with some Haddock along with bags and bags of Pollock filets. Still room next Thursday, all other days sold out until Saturday January 6

Capt Les

Capt Nicole with bags of filets
Haddock mixed in
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