Out today, weather not nearly as good, hopefully the fishing will be just as good as yesterday. This time of year lots of you come from far away and stay a couple days. We’re going to be proactive this week, highly unlikely we’ll get out Thursday, in fast with all forecast in agreement we are canceling Thursday due to high winds up to 35 knots. Tomorrow(Wednesday) and Friday we are running two public boats and we still have room. The Weekend is sold out both days but due to rain on Saturday we’ll take stand by reservations, and it’s opening day of Cod and Haddock. I’ll give a fish report around 1500. Capt Les 1500 fish report, with the weather not so great on the way out, still managed a great day. 61 pob’s and everyone had at least 20, some with 50. Ollie who I think is 102( kidding Ollie, but 82) had 35. Bruce had 51 and three Cusk, excellent fishing. We have at least two boats tomorrow, remember the LAM is working for the power plant until 4/17, so second boat is the LVII, you can board and take your spots on either boat in the morning, if needed the SCL will be available, on the cusp atm. Open at 5, departure at 7, we do not hold the boat, sorry, you should check in before 630.

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