Hoping for half as many fish as yesterday, I’ll update when I find out. We are running in the morning(Sunday) but sold out. Monday and Tuesday are Cx due to the impending storm, easterly 30, then westerly 30 on Tuesday. Next public trip is Wednesday and we do have openings, Thursday and Friday are private Fishark charters, Saturday we still have some room. If you’ve never been on a Fishark charter, it’s the best. It’s more money but he limits capacity to 20-25, usually only pros and that’s a recipe for success. They rarely have a bad day and he does dozens and dozens of trips through the year. Fisharkproboards. Fishing looks to be crazy, reservations are a must when we can only carry 50, due to cold weather. Capt Les

Fish report 1540 good, not a massacre but pictures from today start with the young lady in pink.

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