Not so great. The weather looked so nice when going to bed last night, but the 11 knots at the Shoals and the 3.2 wave height on Jeffries turned into 24 knots and 5.2 wave height. Fish are there but it was difficult to catch them. 50-70 fish were caught and considering half the people didn’t fish, not real bad. Can’t predict the weather every time in December. Ride home was nice and it’s going to be nice the next two days. I’ll report both days but we are sold out both Saturday and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday have the same type of storm as last Week, so Cx, looks like Wednesday next day out, but check here for updates. Capt Les

Update Saturday morning 0600

I was reprimanded on my report from Fishark himself. He was on the boat yesterday( Friday) and wasn’t as bad as I reported. Weather conditions were accurate but catching wasn’t that bad. He had 7, two Pollock, two large Whiting, two big Haddock and a monster Red. Tom Hartley had 9, Bernard had 5(should I say anything more) and there were a few people skunked. Not great for December but not terrible either. We are out today and tomorrow, but sold out, Monday and Tuesday Cx due to storm.

1330 Saturday absolute massacre, ran out of buckets and coming home early, pictures of today in the morning. Wednesday and Saturday look the best for weather this week, but it’s early. Can’t wait for morning, first 5 photos are photos from today. Had to use trash barrels to keep the decks clear. As many as you can catch, three at a time from Bernard, picture from today.

Gail, must be thick, but a regular picture of her catching one and Pat watching
Bernard with a triple
Doesn’t look so rough but that’s just before we headed home, after it calmed down a bit.
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